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2018 Bells of Peace
- October 29, 2018

On November 11, 1918 at 11:00 a.m. - The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, "the war to end all war" came to an end.  November 11, 2018 will mark the monumental gathering in France and Belgium on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, the final events which will bring to a close four years of Remembrance and reflection.

The Royal Canadian Legion will assist in commemorating this historical 100th centenary, through the introduction of a Bells of Peace Initiative to honour through Rembrance, the Armistice of 1918.  The Legion's intent is to have every bell in every comunity across Canada ring 100 times at sunset on November 11th. 

The Bells of Peace celebration will begin by a bagpiper playing on the East coast and end with a piper playing on the West coast.